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On this page you'll see a selection of INFORMAL shots taken by our resident photographer (and friends; Des M, John McK and WebEd) at meetings, social occasions and SPECIAL EVENTS (like our Christmas Concerts, the AGM, visits taken by the club, and lots more).
Below are a number of Photo pages for your interest and entertainment. Just ‘Click’ the button below each caption to get to the page you want to see (and ‘see’ if YOU are in a photo or two or more?!?!?)
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And 'YES' Ken (helped by other members) is keeping an eye on ALL the members and guests - YOUR photo could be here, take a close look!
Just in case you wanted to see a few of those shots ‘Ken’s Kamera’ has picked out from the Christmas Concert and Lunch (and some new ones further down from John McK), here’s what to do…
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As you can see, we've just dropped in a bunch of snaps for you to sort through. If you 'click' on the photo with the RED FRAME (Top Left of pile), it will expand to view better. You can then 'click' on the 'Forward' or 'Back' arrows ( ' >' or '< ' ) to move through the photo pile. Why not have a go now!?!?
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And here are some of our other club events

The Club’s AGM, held on 31st January 2017:-
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Spring 2016 Club Quiz and Lunch on 10th May:-
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The Club's AGM, held on 26th January 2016:-
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The 2015 Christmas Concert and Festive Lunch:-
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The Club's AGM, held on 27th January 2015:-
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Visiting the Distillery: pt1 - Our members visit:-
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Visiting the Distillery: pt2 - How they make the whiskey:-
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Celebrating our 25th Anniversary: Seating table by table (‘Click’ me) Plus our 25th Anniversary: Extra informal shots (‘Click’ me)

A look at some of the older gallery photos

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